Squads Feedback Bounty

About Squads

Squads is collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams. Squads protocol allows teams to organize, self-govern, and collectively own & invest digital assets together all on chain. When creating a Squad, you have two options: Multisig or Teams. Multisigs are standard multisigs with additional features built on top (ie: swaps, yield generation) to enhance the multisig experience. Teams is the same as a multisig with added governance parameters that allow for more intricate DAO/subDAO designs such as member weighted tokenless voting and proposal discussions. Depending on your team’s needs, you may prefer one option over the other.

The ideal writer of this bounty already uses Squads. If you don’t, we highly recommend you play around with the app and read the articles linked in the “Resources” section of this article before you write the bounty. The winners will be announced on our Twitter and in our upcoming community call on Discord on May 5th.

Your Goal

Tell us in depth why, how, and when you use Squads. The more detail the better. Key points to consider:

  • Why do you use Squads? What do you use it for?
  • Are you a team or an individual? If you’re a team, what type of team are you? (ie: subDAO for parent DAO, investment club, start up, etc.)
  • How many members are in your Squad?
  • Are your members friends, co-workers, or something else?
  • How does Squads help you/your team?
  • What type of Squad do you use? (Multisig or Teams)
  • How do you structure governance processes inside your Squad? What other tools are involved in your governance process? (ie: Discord, Notion, etc.)
  • What features do you use the most?
  • Is there a case in which Squads is unable to support your current needs?
  • What are the biggest pain points when using Squads?
  • How could the Squads experience be enhanced?
  • (Bonus) Would you ever start a Squads multisig with a family member? What do you think it would take to get a non crypto native to understand how to use Squads?

Evaluation Criteria

  • Did you write a twitter thread summarizing your submission? (Tag @squadsprotocol)
  • Did you address at least a handful of the points mentioned above?
  • Is your writing easy to understand with a logical flow?
  • Were you honest in your criticisms (if any) of the application? (We can take it 💪🏻)
  • Did you write your essay in English?
  • Did you submit before the deadline (May 5th)? There will be no deadline extensions.

Where to Submit?

All bounties should be submitted in the “Bounty Feedback” channel in the Squads Discord. No one will see your bounty submissions aside from the Squads core team. We have restricted access to message history in this channel in order to prevent plagiarism. You can also use this channel to ask us any questions.


🥇 First Prize

  • $1000 USDC

🥈 Second Prize

  • $500 USDC

🥉 Third Prize

  • $100 USDC

Deadline: May 5th


For any questions, DM @Dmitry or @mistermaven in the Squads Discord



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