Squads Weekly Update 13–19 June

3 min readJun 20, 2022

Squads ship no matter what! Here is a rundown of last week’s updates.

14.06.22 🗓️

🔍 Squads deep dive by the Oasians

Our friends the Oasians wrote a great deep dive on Squads with a Q&A from our own Mister Maven and the rest of the Squads team.

They explored our infrastructure, latest integrations, and technical features.

Give it a read here:


💎 Squads x Sparkwave

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Sparkwave!

Sparkwave is a solution that helps reward most engaged followers via crypto prizes. In order to get awarded, engage with Squads content on Twitter — like, comment, quote, retweet — and get USDC prizes by the end of the 14-day epoch depending on your place on the leader board!

The leader board is public, so you can always check your position here: https://t.co/Cv2ZbzODgC.


15.06.22 🗓️

🔥 Solana top projects

Squads made the Top 6 Solana projects of the month list!

We are honored to share the spot with other amazing Solana projects such as @Stepnofficial, @formfunction, @HelloMoon_io, @BR1METAVERSE, @SwimProtocol.



🥭 MangoDAO: Pioneering DAOs on Solana

Bear market is a great opportunity to learn and build!

This week’s article is exploring the governance structure of the first fully on-chain Solana margin trading, borrow & lending markets, and perpetual futures protocol — MangoDAO.

Mango plays an important role in the Solana DAO ecosystem, as it supports the creation of DAO governance tools such as realms.today— a piece of decentralized governance on Solana.

Mango DAO governance is fully decentralized, as all the decisions are made collectively: Discussing on Discord → Discussing on Governance Forum → Realms On-Chain Voting.

To learn more about the MangoDAO governance process, give our deep dive a read!

Or check out a short thread on the topic:



16.06.22 🗓️

🚧 Product updates

Squads ship non-stop!

Here are the product updates that are already live on mainnet:

  • Address book is now available 📥

You can save your frequent contacts and initiate transactions to contributors, counter-parties, or just friends with ease straight from the Vault.

  • Squad deployment deposit 💰

Each Squad is now deployed with a small amount of SOL (0.001) deposited, to allow transfers from Phantom directly to the Vault upon deployment.

  • Minor updates and bug fixes 🔧
  1. Added a link to the docs in the drop-down menu in the right corner of the screen;
  2. Changed the description inside the “Receive” button to better reflect its functionality;
  3. Fixed the bug when clicking on the “MAX” button while sending/depositing assets sometimes displayed no values inside the field;
  4. Fixed the bug which sometimes may have prevented Glow wallets users from casting transactions;
  5. Fixed the bug when sometimes assets in the deposit dialog box were changing the order;
  6. Fixed minor inconsistencies in the transaction links to Solscan;

Now go check it out: http://app.squads.so


🫂 Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and fascinating topics in the DAO space.

This time we covered:

  • 2382 Squads on mainnet 📈
  • Product updates are live on mainnet
  • Program upgrades and arbitrary instructions on the way
  • Squads UI improvements are in the works
  • MangoDAO deep dive is out!
  • Squads are going to Paris Hacker House

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news! We want these calls to be more than just product updates, we want to connect with you. Tell us what features you want next and what’s interesting to you about DAOs.

Where to find us:




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