Squads Weekly Update 18–24 April

19.04.22 🗓️

🔥 Batched NFT deposits

No more depositing NFTs one by one. Now you can deposit up to 5 NFTs in one transaction straight to your multisig.

Try it yourself: https://app.squads.so

20.04.22 🗓️

🫂 Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and fascinating topics in the DAO space.

Last time we covered:

  • 1947 squads on mainnet 📈
  • Squads is going to AthensDAO
  • Katana integration is out
  • Glow wallet support
  • Bonfida naming service integration (.sol domains)
  • Finalizing Squads mobile version
  • New Squads article: Squads 101: The Two Types of Squads ✍️
  • Squads x Katana explanatory video is out on our Twitter!

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news! We want these calls to be more than just product updates, we want to connect with you. Tell us what features you want next and what’s interesting to you about DAOs!

🥷🏼 Katana x Squads

Now Squads users can earn yield on crypto directly within Squads without the need to withdraw funds to an individual wallet. This allows for a more secure and decentralized procedure, as it eliminates the possibility of attacks on an individual wallet by retaining the capital inside your Squad’s multisig treasury.

Go to “Earn yield” tab in the “Vault” section, select a strategy, and deposit funds!

Read more about the integration here:

📽️ Here is a quick tutorial on how to start earning yield directly from your multisig:

🔳 Bonfida x Squads

Another exciting integration of the week is with Bonfida’s Solana naming service! Bonfida helps integrate personality into wallet addresses by showcasing a customized domain. Squad members can now send funds from a Squad to .sol domains instead of a wallet address!

21.04.22 🗓️

💳 Glow x Squads

Do devs ever sleep? Squad members can now use Glow wallet to deposit crypto, store NFTs, sign multisig transactions, and vote on proposals. Currently, we accept Phantom, Solflare, Ledger, and now Glow!

⚙️ Minor product updates

We are constantly working on improving Squads and fixing any bugs as soon as possible. The fastest way to reach us in case of an issue is by joining our Discord!

Here are most recent minor fixes:

  • Renamed “Public Key” to “Wallet address”, to make Squads even more user friendly;
  • Fixed the issue with some transactions not appearing in the “Recent Transactions” tab;
  • Fixed the issue with inserting big numbers in the withdrawal proposals;
  • Fixed the issue with the swap section updating every 30 secs, removing the inserted pairs;
  • Fixed some snackbars icons;
  • Fixed the text in the deposit dialog when the assets weren’t loading due to a slow internet connection;

24.04.22 🗓️

🔭 Squads 101: The Two Types of Squads

Continuing our “Squads 101” series, here is a new article exploring the 2 types of Squads you can create for your team: Multisig and Teams. This 10 min read will help you understand the difference between the two, their main benefits, possible implementations, and much more!

If you’re struggling to figure out which type fits your community best, this is the article for you:

Where to find us:




Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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