Squads Weekly Update 20–26 June

2 min readJun 27, 2022


Take a look at what Squads been up to last week!

23.06.22 🗓️

🫂 Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and fascinating topics in the DAO space.

This time we covered:

  • 2456 squads on mainnet 📈
  • Program upgrades, arbitrary instructions, and UI improvements on the way
  • New Squads video tutorial is out!
  • Squads is going to Paris Hacker House

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news! We want these calls to be more than just product updates, we want to connect with you. Tell us what features you want next and what’s interesting to you about DAOs.

24.06.22 🗓️

👀 Squads V3 is in the works

We have an impressive roadmap laid out, stay tuned…

📽️ Squads explains: How to add favorite contacts

To make your Squads experience even better, add your favorite contacts to your multisig in just two clicks and forget about repeatedly typing in the same wallet addresses.

And yes, let’s take a minute to appreciate the UX 👀

Here is the short and easy tutorial:

💎 Squads x Sparkwave

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