Squads Weekly Update 25 April — 1 May

Here is your weekly Squads news recap!

26.04.22 🗓️

📢 Squads Bounty competition

Squads are announcing a Bounty competition! Write an in-depth article on why and how you use Squads. The more detail the better: describe the governance process structure inside your Squad, give suggestions and feedback.

1️⃣ First place — $1000

2️⃣ Second place — $500

3️⃣ Third place — $10

Submit your bounties in the “Bounty Feedback” channel in the Squads Discord before the 5th of May!

Read the full bounty description below:

27.04.22 🗓️

👀 Sneak peek

Devs are constantly working on refining Squads user experience. Setting up a multisig for an on-chain co-owned assets management is going to be even easier with our upcoming shipping. Soon you’ll be able to add up to 5 initial members to your multisig. After the initial creation, you can add up to 150 members total!

28.04.22 🗓️

📽️ Squads explains: Diversify your co-owned portfolio

Squads vault allows collectives to invest their co-owned funds without the need to withdraw to an individual wallet. Here is a quick video explainer on how to diversify your team’s portfolio directly from your multisig vault!

30.04.22 🗓️

🍇 Dean’s list Feedback week Bounty

Squads has won the Bounty for Dean’s list feedback week! We are excited for Grape’s crew to inspect Squads infrastructure like never before, can’t wait for the review of our UI/UX.


We’re all going to squad up!

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Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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