Squads Weekly Update 27 June — 3 July

2 min readJul 4, 2022

Here is a rundown of Squads latest updates.

27.06.22 🗓️

🔮 SolanaFM Partnership

Squads are teaming up with Solana FM explorer to bring our transaction visibility to a new level.

With SolanaFM user-friendly interface you will soon be able to see transactions made via Squads Protocol displayed in real-time!

29.06.22 🗓️

👀 Coming soon: Squads V3

Something major is coming, stay tuned…

💎 Squads x Sparkwave

Last month we collaborated with Sparkwave to help us reward our most engaged followers with crypto prizes.

This week the 14-day epoch has come to an end, and we are happy to remunerate our top 10 followers with USDC prizes!

Thanks to everyone who was engaging with our content this past few weeks and make sure to check out the leader board to see if you made it (ps. save your wallet address if you haven’t yet):

30.06.22 🗓️

🫂 Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and fascinating topics in the DAO space.

This time we covered:

  • 2493 Squads on mainnet 📈;
  • Program upgrades and arbitrary instructions coming soon;
  • Squads UI improvements are in the works;
  • Mobile version is around the corner;
  • Devs are working on Squads V3;
  • Squads are going to Paris Hacker House July 15th!

Content & Discord:

  • New content coming: Articles, Twitter spaces
  • We’ll discuss:
  1. Security criteria for the multisig

2. Solana’s state

  • We will be reshaping our Discord → new community roles coming

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news! We want these calls to be more than just product updates, we want to connect with you. Tell us what features you want next and what’s interesting to you about DAOs.

Where to find us:




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