Squads Weekly Update 30 May — 5 June

3 min readJun 7, 2022

Our weekly update is here!

30.05.22 🗓️

🏛️ Squads at AthensDAO recap

What an amazing week at the first community-run HackerHouseX AthensDAO! We are honored to have sponsored the event since the grape team did an amazing job.

It was a pleasure to see all our fellow Solana DAO governance tolling developers as well as the most innovative DAOfying communities. Of course, as a result, Squads has a new integration in the works!

For a quick AthensDAO recap click the link below:

31.05.22 🗓️

🔥 Soon: Squads x Realms

We are excited to tease our upcoming integration with Realms.

Soon you’ll be able to spin up a Squad multisig directly in the Realms UI and establish on-chain relationships between Squads and DAOs!

More info here:

2.06.22 🗓️

🔮 Squads x Pyth

This week we covered one of the core integration, which has been in Squads. I am sure you know that oracles are essential for any protocol. Our collaboration with Pyth ensures teams will always see the correct dollar value of their crypto holdings stored in a Squads multisig!

More info here:

🫂 Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and fascinating topics in the DAO space.

This time we covered:

  • Realms integration coming soon
  • The Mobile version is around the corner!
  • Squads protocol is undergoing the second audit
  • Preparing a Squads re-design;
  • New landing page is in the works;
  • Deep dive article on Mango Markets coming soon;
  • DAO Twitter panel hosted by Squads coming soon;
  • Upcoming:

Program upgrades straight from your Squad;

Arbitrary instructions;

Interaction with other dapps straight from Squads.

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news! We want these calls to be more than just product updates, we want to connect with you. Tell us what features you want next and what’s interesting to you about DAOs

4.06.22 🗓️

💣 Product update

Squads ship non-stop, no matter what!

Here is a rundown of our latest updates:

  • Now users can upload images in .png and .gif formats for their Squads PFPs
  • Users are now able to edit their Squads’ PFP after the Squad is created

Other small updates and bug fixes:

  • Now when users are trying to upload an image in the wrong format the error message will appear
  • Added a status bar when Solana network is experiencing slowness, so users can be aware of the long transaction times
  • Added a link to Squads Medium and Github in the dropdown next to the connected wallet address
  • Added a new logo for link sharing

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the bug with the Raydium API, when sometimes 0 value was displayed for the swapping assets
  • Fixed the bug when some withdrawing amounts with long decimals were blocking the withdrawal due to JS error
  • Fixed the number of decimals displayed in the Katana vaults for better UI
  • Fixed the issue when the incorrect text was appearing for the text proposals, which weren’t passed

Where to find us:




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