Squads Weekly Update 4–10 April

Our weekly update is here! This week was all about multisigs…

6.04.22 🗓️

🎊 Hit 9000 followers on Twitter

This week we surpassed the 9000 followers mark on our twitter!

Follow for helpful threads on how to use Squads, DAO and multisig related content, as well as the latest updates and memes.

7.04.22 🗓️

🔗 Multisig update: qPools

Recent winners of @projectserum hackathon — qPools — are now using Squads’ multisig treasury vault to secure their funding!

Using multisig enhances the security of your companys’ crypto assets by requiring approval from not one, but multiple parties. To find out more about why this model is the future norm of web3 startups read our Twitter thread on the topic:

📽️ Squads explanatory video: How to deploy your multisig

One of the most powerful features of Squads is creating a multisig for an easy co-ownership of company funds. Here is a short and helpful tutorial on how to deploy your multisig in a few clicks:

p.s. more videos coming soon!

🫂 Squads Community call

Community Calls are weekly updates from Squads where we talk about newly shipped product features, plans for the future, and of course community news.

This Thursday we covered:

  • 1804 squads on mainnet ⬆️

Upcoming integrations:

  • Mobile integration is on the way
  • Katana integration is around the corner 🥷🏽
  • Glow wallet integration in the process
  • Bonfida domain naming service integration in the process
  • Community call guest: bill Papas — active Squads user, Solana researcher, web3 developer, Cryptonary Pro team, Alpha DAO.
  • Bill gave us a lot of insightful feedback and explained how Cryptonary team and Alpha DAO uses Squads infrastructure for on-chain investments record keeping
  • as well as his plans on substituting Ledger with Squads to secure his personal long term hold assets

Join the next Community Call on Discord this Thursday to keep up with the news!

8.04.22 🗓️

🔭 Squads 101: Multisig, and Beyond!

New deep-dive article on multisignature wallets from Squads incoming! All the essentials you need to know about multisigs, their connection to DAOs, and how Squads multisig treasury vault can help you secure your co-owned funds — all in our latest article. Give it a read here, and make sure to follow our medium to not miss out on new DAO related content:

❗WTF is a multisig?

If you are not feeling like reading the whole article (although trust us, it’s worth it!) here is a short Twitter thread on multisig basics to help you out:

Where to find us:




Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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Collaborative infrastructure for web3 native teams.

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