Squads x Katana

4 min readApr 19, 2022


Today we are happy to announce our integration with Katana protocol!

With the help of Katana, Squads users will be able to generate yield on their assets directly within the Squads vault.

What is Katana?

Katana is the premier yield generation protocol on Solana. Katana offers users the ability to deposit crypto into vaults that run automated DeFi derivative strategies (such covered calls and cash-secured puts) with the goal of generating higher than average yield on crypto assets. Katana’s vaults abstract away the complexities of these strategies allowing users to generate yield without the need to constantly monitor markets. If you’d like to understand Katana’s yield generation model on a deeper level, we recommend you follow Katana on Twitter here.

Multisig Treasury 🤝 Earn Yield

Collective asset management is one of the most important parts of collaboration for web3 native teams. As DAO treasuries on Solana continue to grow, teams will need a multisig solution that offers direct access to yield generation protocols. With this integration (and more coming like it), we are making that solution a reality. While the enhanced security multisigs offer is powerful in itself, we aim to build a suite of features on top of the multisig primitive to upgrade the overall experience.

If not for this integration, your team would need to withdraw assets to an individual wallet to invest, redeposit capital back into Squads, and repeat. Once crypto is removed from your Squad, it is in the hands of whoever owns the individual wallet it was withdrawn to. This opens up a series of attack vectors and removes the democratic and secure process of asset allocation that Squads’ multisig offers. With this integration, these attack vectors are eliminated. Your team can now begin earning yield together as a collective democratic entity.


Katana deposits are integrated directly into the vault tab. Any Squad member can initiate a Katana deposit for the Squad to approve, which can then be executed directly from the Squads interface. For an easy 5 step tutorial, see below ⬇️

  1. Go to your vault and click the “earn yield” option.

From there you will see different Katana vault options for crypto deposits.

2. Once you click into a particular strategy, you’ll be able to deposit your crypto.

We included a short blurb explaining the strategy so you know exactly what’s happening behind the scenes.

3. Once you click deposit, you’ll see the proposal is “active.” This means the proposal is waiting to be approved by the minimum amount of members necessary to execute transactions.

Scroll down and you’ll be able to cast your vote.

4. Once the threshold is reached, you’ll see the transaction is “ready for execution.”

Click execute and your crypto will be automatically transferred into the vault.

5. Once the proposal is executed, your crypto will officially start earning yield in the Katana vault once the new Epoch begins. Katana’s Epochs start every Friday.

Congratulations, you’re now earning yield directly within your multisig treasury!

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Disclaimer: Yield on Katana is not guaranteed and is not directly affiliated with, generated by, or endorsed by Squads protocol. Invest at your own risk.




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